Art is what I understand best

Art is like porn. The more you look at it, the more excited you get.

-M. Lewis


Deeply passionate about the arts, Marlon graduated awhile back with a degree in Illustration from Art Center in Pasadena, California. Oil painting then was his forte. Soon afterwards book illustrations, video game graphics and caricatures piqued his interest. Later on, designing web pages, user interfaces and employing usability was the name of the game.

Toy Monkey - Oils

Toy Monkey – Oils

Marlon has recently been trying to ‘return to analog,’ learning to ‘re-use’ his hands and feel something more tactile in his life. Rediscovering his old skills and learning new ones, Marlon is currently re-connecting with something much larger than himself.

He is a painter, drummer, kung fu practitioner, roller derby player, strength and movement coach, a fisherman and a homesteader.

Marlon also enjoys the paleo/primal lifestyle, cooking, travel, camping, DIY, gardening, raising chickens, ancient warfare, barbarians, Victorian homes, old cultures and customs, and metal music. He has also been called a Lebenkünstler (artist of life).

On some early evenings after work, you may spot Marlon fishing at a local pond, dressed in his work shirt, slacks and dress shoes, hopefully with a fish at the end of his line.